Mathematician, flautist, environmental activist, gardener, etc

Created by Jo Wong one year ago

I got to know Walter when I joined a flute class after I retired from teaching in 2012.  I was an absolute beginner and got a lot of help from Walter to progress.  He helped me through sharps and flats and rhythm, sometimes pointing out where I went wrong!  When flute classes got cancelled after a couple of years we joined a  community orchestra class to keep playing. In Autumn 2018 when orchestra classes also closed down Walter refused to give up on making music.  He'd had enough of depending on the city council adult education classes.  So he rounded up all those who were interested in continuing and started us out on our own as the Scratch Orchestra.  Walter arranged music for us initially, and showed us how to use music notation software so we could arrange our own music based on our instruments and our ability.

Since then we've played in care homes, hospital fundraising events, carols services in churches, social clubs and a pub.  Even throughout lockdown he kept us busy with projects like VE Day video and a Christmas video for the hospital.  Walter edited the audio recordings so they could be put onto video. It was a great lockdown learning experience for us, but he was always enthusiastic and energetic.  Through the years I've come to know him also as a Mathematician, gardener and environmental activist.  He is now at rest in peace.  We will miss the sound of his flute and his funny remarks at rehearsals.